Friday, 10 April 2015

Making Money has Never Been So Exciting!

A Binary Option, also known as "Fixed Return Option" (FRO) is a revolutionary trading option that have been available since 2008 and are simple for any trader (Newbie or an Expert) to understand. In essence when trading binary options a trader will only have to decide about the direction ofthe underlying asset whether it's going to be above or below the current asset value in a fixed amount of time (60 seconds, 15Minutes, 1 Hour, etc). If you (the trader) predict correctly then you can earn nearly double your investment or more on some options (between 90% to 620%maximum profit ratio), and if you are wrong, you will still receive a portion from your investment back to minimize loss (between 0% and 50% losing ratios, case by case scenario).

The Binary Option, like its name "binary"that is based on a numeral system with only 2 digits (0 & 1) this is an option between only 2 ways: "CALL" or "PUT" (UP/DOWN) on the way which the price of a specific Stock, Commodity, Index or Foreign Currency will move towards in a predetermined expiration time. 

Thanks to Binary Options there are only two possible outcomes and the asset price doesn't matter, so the trader never have to purchase the asset like in Forex and stocks, but only to predict in which direction the asset will go. All that matters is if your prediction was correct or incorrect, it's a simple and hassle-free process that will only take a few seconds to initialize, yet it's the most rewarding way to trade online. With no spreads nor margins, your winning chances are higher and this combined with our payout ratios and ease of use are the reasons why "Binary Options" trading is becoming so popular, and considered as one of the fastest growing simplified trading products. Whether you are looking for hedging short term or long term, we can defiantly help you get that goal and achieve success much more efficiently.


You only need to predict in which direction the asset will expire, for instance: Will "Google" stock price expire higher or lower from its current value in preset time?

Higher Profits
In no other areas of regulated investments a trader will have the opportunity to gain as much, binary options offers amazing returns of up to 620% for a single trade.

Controlled Risk
The percentage of return is known in advance, without any furtherfees or spread margins. Binaries are often called (FROs) a fixed rate options.

Trade 24 / 7
Binary options contracts are traded around the clock and from anywhere, allowing to trade on multiple time frames. There is always an expiry time arriving, which constantly yields new opportunities for binary options traders.

Asset Selection
Binary options offer a greater selection of short-term contracts across all markets, which enables the intra-day trader to trade (in over 100 assets) more frequently.

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