Monday, 26 October 2015

The Week Ahead 26.10.2015

Binary traders have a busy week ahead as major companies publish their Earnings reports and the important rate decision this Wednesday.

The main day to trade stocks will tomorrow, Tuesday the 27th of October as Apple, Alibaba and Twitter will publish their reports.

Investors should pay attention to the amount of iPhones sold in the last quarter as the main number to beat for Apple. The company is estimated to report revenue of $51billion. Alibaba has dropped strongly in the past few months following Chinese volatility. Revenue expected to be $3.36billion and EPS of $3.43.

Twitter has been on a strong decline since last earnings as the company disappointed investors with low user growth. Revenue is expiated to be $550million.

Gold will be the asset to trade on Wednesday 18:00 PM GMT. The Federal Reserve is expected to keep rates at zero following the same decision on September 17th. Markets are pricing the possibility of a surprising rate rise at a 5% chance.

Binary traders will look at Gold as the main asset to trade and the U.S dollar in general.