Friday, 7 November 2014

Ready to Kickstart Your Future in The Foreign Currency Exchange (Forex) Market?

What is the Forex?
The Foreign Currency Exchange market is often referred to as the Forex market. Currency trading involves the virtual purchasing and selling of currencies from all around the world. It is a more than $4 trillion market, making it the largest financial market in the world. Unlike other financial markets, the Forex market has no physical location and no central exchange. This enables you to trade from practically anywhere, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Why Trade the Forex Market?
With more than $4 trillion exchanged in the Forex market each day, your ability to capitalize is significantly increased compared to other markets. Aside from the ample opportunity this global market offers, other perks currency traders enjoy are:

Accessibility: The Forex market trades 24 hours a day, 5 1/2 days per week from virtually anywhere.

Volatility: The Forex market is constantly moving, giving you increased trading opportunities

Recession-Proof: The Forex makes money when the market moves. This means you can earn even when the market moves downward.

The Value of Forex Education
Forex education is a valuable tool that could give you the ability to increase your return on investment and teach you how to manage your emotions in order to make more strategic trading decisions. We’ve assisted traders of various skill levels as they tackled the Forex for more than 18 years. We want to give you tools for success too! We offer an assortment of starter Forex tools to not only help you learn about the Forex and grasp Forex basics, but that also give you an edge in the market from day one. 

Largest Market
The foreign currency exchange (forex) market is the largest financial market in the world. Over 40 times larger than the U.S. stock market, the forex sees a daily volume of over $3 trillion per day.

Round-the-clock Trading
The Forex market trades 24 hours a day, 5-1/2 days per week. More market hours means more time to trade–and on times you designate. Availability and convenience.

Minimal or no comission
Cutting out the middleman not only gives you flexibility when trading, but it means there are no commissions or fees on trades leaving you more margin left for a better profit.

Up to 200:1 leverage
The amount of leverage in the forex market appeals to any level of trader. Perks such as no investment capital necessary and increased buying power can be powerful trading tools. Leverage increases your buying capability and makes it easier to earn a large amount from a small amount.

Most liquid market
The forex market trades in one single day, what Wall Street trades in an entire month. The more buyers and sellers, the more efficient the market. Such liquidity in the currencies market increases flexibility when trading and improves order execution.

A few major currencies vs. thousands of stocks
This is a no brainer. Instead of spending your valuable time researching thousands of stocks, you have the flexibility to focus on just a few major currencies in the forex market. Moreover, there is more historical and tend data available for analysis.

True diversification
By investing outside of the U.S. stock market, you achieve true diversification by including foreign currency investments into your portfolio. Unlike the NYSE where you only buy the U.S. dollar, the forex market includes all of the world’s currencies.

The forex market is a global open market. Because it is not easily prone to market manipulation, the forex market is immune to recession. Money can be made on any directional movements–whether they’re up or down, long or short. A currency does not have to be increasing in value for it to be profitable. In contrast to other markets, the forex market is not affected by just one country’s government or industries. Major currencies don’t fail.

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